HOCO Blogs Petit Louis Event

I know this is a bit late and I apologize to those of you who may have been waiting. I did finally get to sit down with the wine list to share my thoughts on Petit Louis with you!

Last Thursday I had a chance to attend my first blogger event, and it was a good one! HoCo Blogs teamed up with Petit Louis to put on an event to celebrate the opening of their outdoor patio space. I rounded up a couple friends and Patrick and we had a great time sampling some of the restaurant’s amazing house wines and small munchies. I was having too much fun to remember to take too many pics but I’ll share the few I did take!

We had the opportunity to try four of Petit Louis’ house wines, all of which were delicious. The first was a bordeaux blanc (Chateau Reynon “Cuvee de Louis” 2012). It was delicious, not too dry and went well with the salty waffle chips, olives and the passed terrine (a duck and chicken pate, picture below) with mustard on a baguette. The second wine, a Chablis (Domaine Verget “Terre de Pierres” 2011), was probably my favorite and would be great for summer drinking on their patio. It was a chardonnay, but tasted more like a vino verde to me, much more crisp, acidic and dry than your typical chardonnay.



The third wine was a rose, Coteau D’aix en Provence’s, Cammanderie de la Bargemone Rose, 2013. For those who like the traditional white zinfandel, this is not your typical American sugary rose, and is fairly dry, but smelled deliciously fruity and would hold up better to the dinner and lunch fare served at Petit Louis (a quick Google search suggests that you could probably buy a bottle of this for $15 or less and it’s one of the commonly recommended affordable rose wines, something to keep in mind if you’re a fan!).

Our final tasting was of a red, Beaujolais Villlages’ Setphan Aviron, 2013. I’m typically not a big red fan, and often only find myself enjoying Italian reds (Nebbiolos in particular), but this was pretty tasty, and I might consider ordering it to pair with one of the richer and heavier menu items.

We also had the chance to sample gruyere puffs, a bite of endive filled with pickled beets and goat cheese, and a selection of cookies and macaroons, all delicious (unfortunately for you all, I was having too much fun at that point to remember to take any photos). I’m fairly certain that everything that comes out of that pastry kitchen is delicious—you can try most of their goodies in the Comptoir next door to the restaurant.

Not only were the food and wine excellent, but the service was wonderful. The wait staff and sommelier were happy to answer all the questions we had about the food and wine, and the bartenders seemed more than happy to serve and chat (as any good bartender should). As the weather continues to improve, this area by the lake will probably be the place to be in Columbia, and a meal on Petit Louis’ patio space is a great way to enjoy the weather while people watching, or perhaps to cap off an afternoon on the lake in a rented paddle boat!


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  • Jessie Newburn

    Thanks for coming out, Elizabeth, for bringing some friends, and for this lovely write-up! I’m glad you had a good time. If you write more about local food (local to hoco), I encourage you to add #HoCoFood to the text of your post: doing so will affect in a good way how your post is published. http://goo.gl/rSevUS

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