Snacking Lately

Patrick and I have adopted (well, we’re working on it) an elimination diet over the past couple weeks. The goals are two-fold, we chose an elimination diet in the hopes that eliminating some typical trigger foods for auto-immune issues (namely gluten and dairy, though soy and processed sugar have been implicated in these kinds of issues too) we could improve Patrick’s allergies. The second goal is to help me clean up my diet and get in bikini shape by the time we leave on our summer vacations. Being based in the house all day for nearly a year has taken a major toll on my activity level, and I’ve gained a few pounds since the wedding. Joining a gym last August has helped in some ways—so much more fit! I have abs! I don’t feel tired all the time! But I also think my increased muscle mass has contributed to my weight gain, so now it’s a matter of losing some the extra padding I put on before I got my gym routine off the ground.

Finding gluten and dairy-free snack foods that aren’t all sugar or fat has been tough. We’ve been going through eggs like its our job (18 in a week), and I’ve had my homemade Lara bars to snack on, but neither of these are great for when the munchies attack. Patrick is also allergic to peanuts and isn’t a huge fan of most other nuts, so trail mixes and most gluten-free snack bars aren’t an option for him. I did a bit of snack-prep last week in an attempt to give him things to snack on at work that are diet friendly.

Stop #1 was Jessica’s roasted chick pea recipe. I prepped a can of chick peas for Patrick to munch on at work as an alternative to his usual afternoon granola bars. Unfortunately, one can’s worth of chick peas looks like such a small serving, it’ll probably take a Costco sized can to last him through the week.


Keeping with Patrick’s favorite snack bar theme, I also cooked up some gf Rice Krispy treats. Homemade is always better than store bought, and sprinkles make them feel a little more festive. I cut them up and individually wrapped treats, so I hope they’ll be the perfect grab and go snack.


My final new snack option (and probably my favorite) is peanut butter stuffed dates. I originally bought them for Lara bars, but they’re amazing with peanut butter and make the perfect bite size snack. Patrick can’t have any, but that doesn’t slow me down! In a pinch, it works almost as well to just scoop a spoonful of pb and grab a handful of dates, and dip and eat!


We definitely “cheat” on special occasions, and I have a review of a HoCo Blogs event at Petit Louis that was a totally worthwhile cheat afternoon that I’ll be posting later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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