Friday Faves -4/11/2014

Hi all! This week has really flown by—I had an interview Monday (I think it went well, but it’s kind of tough to tell, since it was on the phone and only stock interview questions), and have made my return to yoga post-cold! With the weather so warm outside, these past few day of classes have felt even warmer than usual. I have to make an extra effort to stay hydrated after all that sweaty yoga! Zulily had a deal on mat towels this week, so I’m hoping that’ll come soon.

1. Sushi kit!

We finally got around to using a sushi kit we got as a wedding gift almost a year ago. The sushi was delicious, and a lot easier to make than I thought. Now that we know how, I think sushi night is going to become a more regular event!

2. Container garden.

With the weather so nice lately and a busy few weeks coming up, I couldn’t resist starting my summer garden. I stuck to herbs and spring friendly plants, since I’m not 100% convinced we’re done with chilly nights, but I can always add my tomato and zucchini later in the season.

The strawberries already have fruit growing and the lettuce is looking impressive after less than a week in the pot. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some fun homemade salads soon!

3. Summer travel plans.

Our summer travel is shaping up and it’s looking like it’s going to be a fun filled few months! We’ve had a week in the Outer Banks booked since August of last year, and we finally booked a trip to Greece this week! I’m tagging along for one of Patrick’s work trips, but it looks like he should have some free time to explore with me. It’ll be my first trip to Europe, with (I hope) many more to follow!

We also might have a chance to spend some time in the Hamptons with Patrick’s sister and family. They’ve rented a house for a few weeks and invited us to stay. With any luck I’ll have a job and time to take off to make the trip.

4. Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone series.

I finished a library copy of the first audiobook last week, and just checked out the second earlier this week. The first was definitely slow to start, and felt a little like a retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story, but it’s definitely one of the better books I’ve come across lately. I’ve been finishing up other books before getting started on the second, but I’m hoping now the scene is set it’ll be even better than the first.

That’s all that’s new this week! With any luck I’ll have something fun to report before next Friday’s update!


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