Friday Faves- 4/4/2014

These past two weeks have flown by. We had a little weekend trip to Tampa for the last couple Yankees spring training games this past weekend, and it was a lot more fun than I was expecting! We’ve got a busy few months ahead of us, with a decent amount of traveling. Here’s hoping it all goes as smoothly as this last trip!

1. Tampa foodie scene.


Crème Brule French toast and Pastrami Benedict at Datz. Everything was delicious!

There were so many good places to eat in Tampa! I’m glad Patrick wants to go back for future spring training trips, because there’s plenty more eating to do. We managed to visit during the weekend of the Largest Food Truck Rally Ever (I didn’t manage a pic, but my grilled cheese filled with mac and cheese and pulled pork was pretty awesome), loved how tasty (and healthy) Ciccio’s/Water was so much we visited twice, and stuffed ourselves over brunch at Datz. Of course, we can’t forget the deliciousness we found out in Plant City either: amazing strawberry shakes and shortcakes, along with some surprisingly tasty Florida fruit wine at Keel and Curley Winery (still a little sad we ended up with the wrong wine in our bag, the mixed berry was delicious, but finding the Key Lime in MD is next to impossible).


Parksdale Farms strawberry deliciousness!

2. Yoga mornings.

I haven’t been able to go as much as I wanted this week due to a cold, but I’m a big fan of my am 90 minute hot yoga sessions. They get me out of bed much earlier than I’d get up on my own, give me an excuse to work on headstands, and I feel great for the rest of the day so long as I hydrate right and get out of my sweaty gear asap. I’m definitely not a fan of sweating (I’m pretty sure people who actually enjoy being drenched in sweat are just a little crazy), but the yoga itself makes up for it, so it all balances out. I’m hoping I get over this cold fast so I can get back to it!

I’m also loving my new Glyder Mantra Crop leggings I mentioned in my last Friday Faves. They’re super comfy, cute and quick drying (which is great after a super sweaty yoga session!).

3. Spring!!

The crocuses I planted in the fall have bloomed and the daffodils are starting to peek out here and there! I’m looking forward to more blooms and green trees that I’m sure will make their appearance later this month. I’m hoping to get some gardening done this weekend, so fingers crossed we don’t get anymore late-season snow storms!

4. Job Interviews.

I’ve been applying to every job I can find that’s even a semi-decent fit for the past 3 months, so it’s nice to FINALLY be getting some positive response in the form of interviews. I’m really hoping to have something ready to go by early June, so it would be great if the “when it rains it pours” cliché would hold true for my job hunt, because suddenly there seems to be a job draught online.

5.  Homemade Lara bars.


Patrick’s not a huge fan, but these have managed to keep me out of our stash of marshmallow crispy and cookie dough oreos when I’m craving sweets at night. I used this base recipe to make a coconut-fig version and a cherry version, but there will definitely be more flavor options on the way!


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