Friday Faves- 3/21/2014

So apparently pressing the ‘B’ button on my alarm clock does not mean the alarm is set. I thought I had 15 minutes to doze after Patrick left, and when I checked the clock what seemed like a few minutes later, it was 9:20. Guess who missed her 9:30 yoga class? Luckily I can make it up by going tomorrow morning. This actually might be a blessing in disguise, we used heavy weights in barre last night and my right bicep is not interested in letting my arm straighten today, so yoga probably would have been rough.

Anyhow, since it’s Friday, here are a few things that have been making me smile this week:

1. My weekly date with Science magazine at my favorite local coffee shop.


The drink specials are always delicious and change once a month, and I get to satisfy my coffee habit while keeping up with the latest and greatest (or what was the latest and greatest 2 weeks ago) happenings in the science world.

2. My local library’s ebook selection. I’ve had enough time on my hands to get plenty of fun reading done lately too, so I’m glad I can download good e-books and audiobooks from the library without breaking the bank. In the past week I’ve listened to Sabriel, which I hadn’t read since high school, and read Shadow and Bone, and For Darkness Shows the Stars. The audiobooks have been great for driving around and keeping me entertained while doing chores, and I’ve been staying up late reading the ebooks, both of which were fun reads.

3. The official start of spring! The tulips and crocuses I planted in the fall have been peeking up for a week now! I’m super excited for everything else to turn green and bloom soon! Patrick and I got our bikes serviced this week, so we’re ready to ride as soon as the weather allows! Here’s hoping I haven’t forgotten how to clip in and out!

4. My new workout policy.


Since moving to B-more I’ve had a pretty sedentary lifestyle. Yes, I make it to the gym ~3 times per week, but I spend my days sitting at my computer with the occasional 15 foot stroll to the kitchen. Not having to run back and forth in lab, or to and from the bus on my way to work has not been a good thing for me, so while I’ve built a lot of muscle since joining the gym last August, I’m not as healthy as I could be. Luckily, I have some motivation to get in better shape in the form of a beach trip at the start of summer! I’m hoping that getting up and moving 6 days a week will make enough difference that my new muscles will actually be visible when it’s bikini time! This also gives me an excuse to do a teensy bit of shopping so I’m sure I have enough workout clothes to get me through my week’s workouts. Hello new Glyder Mantra Crop leggings! Now, if only my favorite top would go on sale.

5. Juice!


We registered for a juicer for our wedding and I’ve been doing my best to make a juice at least once a week. This week’s featured kale, apples, pineapple, and lemon, but I’ve also been making beet juices pretty regularly. I also learned that drinking a huge glass of juice right before an hour and a half of gym classes is not the best way to fuel. I’m pretty sure I’ll never learn to snack well before leaving for class on my cardio circuit days.

6. New yoga moves. In Monday’s yogalates we worked on side crow, which I’m semi-decent at, and I did my first tripod headstand without flipping right over onto my back. I also started classes at a local yoga studio, and while I think I might like yogalates better, it’s definitely something I plan to keep up for my month-long trial.


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