Yeah, so it’s been a while…Again…Oops!

I have no excuses this time; well, I have a few, but no good ones. I’ve written my thesis, my first, first-author paper is officially e-published (and will be old-school published in the April 11 edition of JBC), and I’ve been applying to jobs like it’s my job (part time, granted, there are only so many new openings every week). I’m also addicted to the gym, barre specifically, and am slowly developing a thing for yoga. I love the stretching and the challenge of tricky poses, but I’m still not so sure about the whole hot and sweaty thing—at my first real hot vinyasa class yesterday, I looked like I’d jumped in a pool about 20 minutes in. I can’t even imagine what Bikram would be like; pretty sure I’d either pass out or drown by the end of class.

Patrick and I finally had a chance to visit some of the new local restaurants I’ve been dying to try!  Ironically enough, both have been featured on How Chow this week. We had our Friday group happy hour at White Oak Tavern last week. I was counting down the days till they open early this year, and was so happy to finally make it there. I was surprised at how empty the bar was during happy hour, but the food was tasty, and the drinks even better. I tried one of their signature cocktails, a caramel apple mule (pretty sure all their signature drinks run $8.25-ish and, unfortunately, none are included in HH pricing), and it was delicious, as was the stout chess pie I tried in honor of pie day. Everyone enjoyed their food, and I’m definitely looking forward to a trip back, especially as they shift their seasonal menu to feature spring and summer produce.


We also finally made it to Le Comptoir at the new Petit Louis in Columbia. We visited Petit Louis for Valentine’s Day dinner, but have been meaning to try the pastries and coffee at the attached Comptoir for a while. Luckily nice weather allowed for a run around the lake, a perfect preface to a breakfast of French pastries. While we loved everything we tried (pain au chocolate, a lemon poppy seed tea cake, and a tropical fruit gateaux that tasted like Tahiti), and the café au lait may have been the best coffee Patrick and I have ever tried, it will not become a regular spot for us. Our bill for 4 fairly small pastries and 2 coffees came to nearly $30, and while I can appreciate the impeccable quality behind the pricing, we know we can get a better value (i.e. a larger quantity at only a slightly lower quality, and much better price) elsewhere.

I’m planning to be back tomorrow with a Friday Faves post (assuming I survive my 2nd hot vinyasa class! I should start hydrating now…) and maybe a few more updates before the weekend!


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