Monthly Archives: January 2013

Sunday Thoughts

It’s been a busy week, but I got nearly everything I wanted to accomplish taken care of! Here’s to hoping this next week will be equally productive!

1. I rejoined Pinterest last weekend (the first time I tried I joined via my Facebook ID and being defaulted to following FB friends and stuff weirded me out a bit), and it’s been moderately addicting. Lucky, way less addicting than the 40-some odd blogs I already read!

2. Wedding invites are in the mail! It’s such a relief to have them done. I know 3+ months out is a bit early to be sending them, but I’m hoping this will be enough time to remind out of towners to plan travel and RSVP by our earlier than usual deadline. I’m still a grad student– I’ve got lots going on that isn’t wedding planning, so I need all the time I can get!

3. Last week was restaurant week in Pittsburgh, and Patrick and I finally made it to Meat and Potatoes! The restaurant week menu the day we went was definitely designed for someone with a huge appetite: sweet potato soup (that even my sweet potato hating fiancé loved), pork ribs with fried gouda grits, a southern style bbq pork butt, and bread pudding (also including sweet potatoes somewhere, though neither Patrick nor I could find them). I brought home half my serving of ribs and my entire dessert, and can barely finish just the dessert tonight! Delicious, but so much food! Shame we probably won’t get to go back; we had a great time!

4. We also mad it to see Zero Dark Thirty this weekend. I was worried that the build-up to the actual mission would be super boring, but it definitely wasn’t; this movie is as well made as it’s hyped up to be, so definitely go see it if you get a chance! Now we just have to make it to see Silver Linings Playbook!

5. The weather man just said weather Tuesday is supposed to be 14* for the high and 7* for the low. So much for another mild winter…. I hope I remember my gloves this week. Maybe I’ll get to go home before it’s dark? That’s not too much to ask when I’m working an extra long day on MLK Jr Day, right?

Have a great week everyone!


Sunday Thoughts

I know, it’s been a while—what kind of blogger are you if you leave over a month between entries? Not a very good one I’d imagine, so I suppose it’s a good thing I’m just getting started.

Lots of bloggers seem to have an entry every week where they post a random collection of thoughts. It’s pretty great really: no matter what you’ve got at least one fairly easy blog entry to put up every week! Without fail, here’s what’s been going on in my mind lately:

1. I made my own variation of this meat pie yesterday, subbing out all the recommended meats for a pound and a quarter of ground turkey. It was delicious. The girls over at Spoon Fork Bacon really know what they’re doing. Also, no matter how tempting it is, wait until the pie has cooled before cutting into it, otherwise it will ooze all over and you’ll end up with a messy pile of filling and crumbs on your plate. Delicious, but messy.

2. Honeymoon to Tahiti is booked!!!! Patrick and I are super excited, and I’ve wasted a ridiculous amount of time on Trip Advisor and travel blogs trying to figure out all the things to do and where to eat while we’re there. We almost decided against it, because most deals are crazy expensive, but we managed to track one down that was semi-reasonable, and we figure we might as well splurge for this once in a lifetime trip. Now, to begin ordering sunscreen in bulk!

3. I’ve been watching the Golden Globes, and apparently I also need to start watching Girls. I guess I have yet another set of HBO DVDs to add to my Netflix list.

4. Speaking of the Globes. I have been seriously enjoying Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as hosts. Their opening monologue definitely made me LOL. I just wish they could have a bit more of a mid-show monologue to kind of keep the ball rolling, though Sacha Baron Cohen had an amusing bit in there. If Tina and Amy don’t return next year, maybe that’ll count as his audition?

5. So happy Downton Abbey is back! I’m looking forward to plenty of juicy 1920s British intrigue over the next few weeks. I only wish all these British tv shows had proper, full-length seasons (I’m looking at you Sherlock). Ten episodes does not count as a full season, and three makes a mini-series, not a proper tv show!

That’s all I’ve got for today! It’ll probably be a full week until I post again, since the plan is to finally work on paper outlines this week (yay!), which means I should be dedicating all writing energy to that. Until then!